Our Funding Pillars

Go! London Partnership 

The purpose of Go! London is to use the power of sport and physical activity to transform the lives of young Londoners. We will focus on underserved children and young people aged 4-24, those at a higher risk of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination. 

We want Go! London funding to support initiatives that will create positive experiences of sport and physical activity for children and young people to: 

  1. improve wellbeing (physical and mental)
  2. improve employability skills
  3. better connect communities
  4. improve safety 
  5. reduce loneliness

We want to support groups that are trusted by young Londoners, particularly those who have experienced more structural challenges. Read on if you work with young people who: 

  • have special educational needs, are deaf or have other physical/learning/sensory disabilities; or young people with mental health problems; 
  • have been, are, or at risk of being excluded from school or college; 
  • are not in education, employment or training (NEETs); 
  • have been, or are, associated with or affected by gangs and/or exploitation; 
  • are experiencing, or have been impacted by, domestic violence and abuse; 
  • are experiencing homelessness; 
  • are refugees or asylum seekers, or are newly arrived migrants; 
  • have a social worker (this includes those in the care of a London Borough, those with a protection plan, children in need and care leavers) or are young carers; 
  • identify as LGBTQIA+; 
  • come from low-income families; 
  • experience barriers to being physically active. 

Funding Pillars

Go! London Partnership will provide funding and support through 5 ‘pillars’ or ‘streams’. Some of these will focus on organisations that support young people and deliver activities for them, some will invest in young people and their ideas directly, and some will improve local community infrastructure. 

We will update this page with further information on the other funding pillars as they develop. Join our mailing list to be the first to know!

open spring 2024

Young Entrepreneurs Grant

Our Young Entrepreneurs grants offer up to £15,000 per year to empower young entrepreneurs aged 16-24 to develop social enterprise ideas. Additional funding is allocated to grantees for learning activities, such as training and workshops.

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open 2024

Foundation Grant

Our Foundation grants focus on support and sustainability. We will fund projects that support more children and young people to take part in sport and physical activity, and that improve the sustainability of the groups delivering these activities so they can become more resilient in the future.

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open 2024

Schools Access Grants

Our Schools Access grants are aimed at developing school sporting facilities and making them available to community groups. We are currently piloting focus groups to develop best approach to this stream of funding. We will begin the pilot with 5 schools in Autumn of 2023. The fund will be opened to all schools in 2024.

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open 2024

Evolution Grant

Our Evolution grants focus on innovation and scaling up work. We will support organisations and partnerships developing innovative approaches and ideas to use sport and physical activity to enhance the lives of children and young people or to scale up work that’s been tested and had a demonstrable impact.

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open 2024

Running Walking Cycling (RWC) Grants

Our RWC grants aim to increase access to walking, running and cycling activities/projects for underserved children and young people, and to provide inclusive, easy, flexible entry points to physical activity using walking, cycling and running. We are currently piloting a Running, Walking, and Cycling funding stream in year 1 of the Go! London fund.

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