How to apply

There will be several stages of application process ensuring we are able to fund the most impactful organisations and programmes. We have done our best to make the application flow simple and accessible, but will welcome your feedback on the process.

Get started

Complete fund eligibility quiz now or keep scrolling to find out more about the application process. Please review the Fund Guidelines document, and the FAQs document before submitting your eligibility quiz.


Fund guidelines

Application journey

Step 1. Find out more about the fund and funding streams and decide which pillar works best for you.

Step 2. Complete the Fit to Fund quiz and find out if this opportunity is right for you (deadline for Foundation strand fit to fund forms is 4pm on March 28th, deadline for Evolution forms is 4pm April 4th). You will hear back about your fit to fund quiz a few days after the relevant deadline.

Step 3. Once you have received confirmation of eligibility, you will be able to complete and submit the Expression of Interest for a Foundation grant (deadline 4pm 25th April 2023) or the Application for an Evolution grant (deadline 4pm 9 May 2025). You can browse these forms now for the Foundation and Evolution pillars.

Foundation form

Step 4. We will review your submissions and invite shortlisted applicants for clarification meetings in May/June.

Step 5. We will make final decisions and award grants over the Summer – in time for the Summer holidays for the first round of Foundation grants in particular.

Am I eligible?

This section will help you understand whether this funding is right for you and your organisation. It will give you an overview of the key requirements for funding and the questions in the Fit to Fund quiz.

If you cannot answer ‘yes’ to ALL the questions below, please still consider completing the Fit to Fund quiz, as we might able to help you meet these requirements in future funding rounds

  • Are you a not-for-profit organisation?
  • Will your work or project have a focus on sport or physical activity?
  • Will your work or project take place within Greater London and deliver services to resident children and young people?
  • Will your work or project directly help underserved children and young Londoners aged between 4-24 to improve their access to sport and physical activity?
  • Can you demonstrate a track record of working with children and young people?
  • Do you have appropriate safeguarding measures in place?
  • Can you provide annual accounts for your last financial year? (If not, you will need to identify a sponsor organisation to apply on your behalf)
  • Do you have a constitution, trust deed or articles and memorandum of association? (If not, you will need to identify a sponsor organisation to apply on your behalf)
  • Can you provide a budget breakdown for your grant request?
  • For Evolution Grants only: Can you provide a monthly cashflow forecast for the next 12 months?
  • Do you have a bank account in the name of your organisation?
  • Will you pay at least the London Living Wage for any posts funded by the grant?
  • Will you allocate a minimum of 5% of your grant request towards monitoring, evaluation and learning?

If you/your organisation can answer ‘yes’ to all or most of these question, you can begin the application process now by completing the Fit to Fund quiz. Otherwise – stay in touch and sign up to our mailing list to learn more about upcoming opportunities.